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Feb. 29th, 2008


leap day

so technically, *technically*, I could propose to someone today and it would be within the rules of the game...

edit: I was totally wrong about the sadie hawkins day thing. apparently Sadie Hawkins day is a fictional holiday in November. but the sentiment is the same: girls get to do the asking. oops, my bad.
as always, I know half a fact, kinda, somewhat, maybe :)

Dec. 1st, 2007



Things I love about christmas (and the holiday season in general)! In no particular order...

"Last Christmas" by wham!
seeing my family.
turkey and all the trimmings.
bailey's on ice.
"all those christmas cliches".
fairy lights.
stars atop trees.
"love actually".
cranberry muffins for breakfast on christmas morning.
christmas eve in the pub with my friends.
"baby its cold outside" by tom jones and cerys from catatonia.
christmas day episodes of Eastenders.
leftover turkey sandwiches.
sugar cookies.
christmas cracker jokes.
mince pies.
"harry potter and the sorcerers stone".
holly and pine trees.
"let it snow, let it snow, let it snow".
"santa claus is coming to town" by the jackson five.
candy canes.
"all i want for christmas is you" by mariah carey.
the smell of real pine trees.
the smell of turkey filling the house.
"muppets christmas carol".
christmas number ones.
"the chanukah song" pts 1 & 2.
ice skating.
"winter wonderland".
mulled wine.
"the christmas mystery".
advent calendars.
putting the presents under the tree on christmas eve.
"oh holy night".
"fairytale of new york" by the Pogues.
"a christmas carol".
homemade cards.
a glass of wine while setting the table for lunch....
i could probably go on adding to this forever :) It's December 1st, it's snowing outside and I'm feeling kinda festive.
this is a good thing because i've been listening to christmas music for a little bit each day, i've bought nearly all my christmas gifts and wrapped all the ones that have been delivered so last night i was already starting to get slightly -::hushed tones::- bored of christmas ::gasp:: this morning however I looked over this list that i made last year on MySpace.com and it has re-inspired me!

Nov. 29th, 2007


What's she listening to?... and other unrelated stuff.

Screw the iPod with video stuff, and the smart phones and all that crap I've come to the conclusion that I need something that can change my outfit depending on what music is playing on my MP3 player!
That or an image hovering over my head like the Arby's hat in their commercials.
***EDIT NB: I just had an image of the jukebox scroll that itunes currently uses hovering over my head displaying the cd cover of whatever song i'm listening to :)***
It would make me look less of a dork (well somewhat less anyway) when I'm rocking out to music that no-one else can hear :)

I can kind of picture what i would be wearing when i listen to the rockier/punkier stuff on the playlist, and also the dancey/pop type stuff, but I'm drawing a blank on the Musicals, the Ella Fitzgerald/Dean Martin/big band stuff, the odd country songs...
Of course then there's the christmas songs to factor in at this time of year, but now I think about it I'm pretty sure some sort of 'elf' outfit would work (not at all inappropriate ;)).

Last night I dreamt I got my 2nd tattoo.
It was the zodiac symbol for Leo and was about 1.5" in diameter. AND IT WAS ON MY FACE!?! for some reason i got it on the lower portion of my left cheek, down towards the jawline. I kept thinking "what the fuck?! it's a TATTOO! It's not a sticker, it's not makeup, it's bloody permanent! why did I get it on my face and why so fucking big?!"
As I woke up i was thinking that as a tattoo it was pretty but it would have worked just as well the size of my thumbnail (my ugly bitten down thumbnails are not very big) and maybe just behind my left ear would be more appropriate and subtle.
When I told Roland about my dream he said that was the first time he's ever heard me curse :) ha ha.

Nov. 27th, 2007


what i've been up to this week :)

so LAST week I did this:

faux marquetry (textured) for Little Women at the Marriott Theatre.

THIS week I have been doing this:

faux rugs (also textured) in each corner of the stage floor.

I LOVE MY JOB! I get to make pretty stuff :)

Nov. 20th, 2007


Counting my blessings

Things i am thankful for.
in no particular order...
more a stream of consciousness...

Let's start with Work (always happy to be employed, especially at something i enjoy!), Maine State Music Theatre, Ravenswood, Maine, Chicago,
Lewis, Love, my family, Old friends (overseas and interstate), New friends in chicago,
my condo, the #82 bus, the Brown Line,
JoAnn Fabric and Crafts, Dick Blick art supplies, Target, Home Depot, IKEA, My new bed!!
Good TV (Heroes, House, Bones, Frasier, Dr who), Netflix, Bit torrent,
my new dentist, my teeth, my health in general (although someinsurance would be nice so i could get me a doctore to check the actual state of my general health), my new work out video (yeah i'm gonna dance myself to fitness!), my new bike,
my 5th wonderful summer in maine, hiking with scott,
the internet, my macBook, my cellphone,
good food (Katarina's, Kuma Corner, Violet Hour, Frontier, potbelly's, etc etc etc !), good drinks (buckaroo's, root beer, vanilla chai),
bunnies on my way to work... Wow, how cyclical but here we are back at Work! :)

Life is good... not perfect, but that's fine for now.

Nov. 16th, 2007


The Doctor


How does this show do this to me?
I just watched the last 3 episodes of season 3 of Doctor Who and am a wreck!!

Last night night I dreamt about the Doctor. I dreamt that his TARDIS had been stolen from him and was being stripped and sold for parts by these aliens. The Doctor was lost and confused. He didn't remember who he was or where he was. The only thing he knew was that the blue box was his. I asked him he was going to get his Molly from the TARDIS, he asked me what his Molly was and i said i didn't know what it was but he'd gone on about it so much i figured it was important.
I had the realisation that there was nothing i could do for the doctor and it was breaking my heart.
I woke up trying to figure out how to help him and just wanting to hold him and keep him safe.

And so. We come to this evening. Even as i started watching a sense of foreboding and sadness wrapped around me. I knew what was going to happen in these 3 episodes. I knew that the old guy would be the Master, that captain Jack woud return and that Martha (brilliant Martha) would leave the Doctor as the season closed.
The thing is I really enjoyed Martha. I liked the whole Doctor and Rose storyline but Martha added a whole new flavour to the show. And the Doctor changed, became more vunerable and at the same time more ruthless and hard.

I am always drained at the end of a season of this show. I Love the Doctor. And I love the guy they had as the Master. Perfect choice. He is as hypnotic and charming as the Character is supposed to be and I wanted to like him as much as I love the Doctor so it's painful when he's a psycho who is intent on destroying the human race and the Doctor. It broke my heart to see my Doctor have his heart broken by his own kind, the last of his kind.

Nov. 3rd, 2007


"maow?" wake up kitty video

this is too cute.
i saw it a few weeks ago and now its everywhere but i still love it:


Nov. 2nd, 2007


the most wonderful time of the year

At 8:30 this morning WLIT went All Christmas. All Christmas all the time until new years.
it's already getting old...but it *is* getting me in the mood for the turkey dinner this evening :) yum

Oct. 19th, 2007


wheeze, huff, huff...

I just realised this weekend how out of shape I am. UGH! I've noticed that i've put on a few pounds recently which is bad enough the other night i had to run 2 blocks to the bus and it was not as easy as it should have been.
I live a fairly active life. I don't have a desk job, I am constantly moving at work, and have to lift some heavy stuff sometimes (although if its too heavy i'm not gonna kill myself, but i can pull my weight around the shop). I walk 2 miles most days if i get the bus to work and depending on the weather (and any injuries) I ride my new bike.
I'm ACTIVE!...

I DON'T go dancing as often as I used to or as much as i'd like to... :(

Sad to admit but I can't touch my toes! I spent most of the day standing in weird stretching out positions while I sanded. I'm sure everyone thought i was odd but thats nothing new.
Happily I think Merl has offered to convert my UK workout DVD to Region 1 so I can work out in my living room a couple of times a week (maybe when the boy is out gaming or something).
It's my early new years resolution: get some flexibility going on and lose those few pounds! woo! yeah! go team!!

Oct. 9th, 2007


on Being

My Parents arrived in town last night for a visit to chicago. I've booked them into a hotel for most of ther stay but last night they slept at my place. while giving them the 'grand tour' of the condo i showed them the washer/dryer in it's little closet.
"wow. well, you're a real person now darling" said mum.
I've always been Real... haven't I? Now I'm just a Real Grown-Up.
maybe. maybe I'm still just pretending.

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