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The Kitten from Britain

19 August
i have been travelling around the states since 2000 for work related things, and try to make it back to the UK whenever possible.
I am currently enjoying a relatively more settled existence in Chicago. Thanks to my Maine friends for convincing me to move out here :)

I love painting and photography and reading and traveling and singing and dancing. I need to do much more of all of those. Over the recent years I have found I enjoy cycling and indoor rock climbing.
Five pointed stars are my favourite shape. Lions are my favourite animal (and i love most animals!). My favourite colour changes on a weekly basis because i work with so many but i do find myself enjoying pink a lot lately (dusty rose and hot pink particularly) also aqua, chocolate brown, purple, green, silver, prussian blue, raspberry ...
Back to the Future is my all time favourite movie and Disney's Beauty & The Beast ranks pretty high too :)

Oh, and I recently got married to the wonderfully dorky mrbobafett! <3